Hello, I am Serhat Engul. I am a history-enthusiast who has been a licensed tour guide in Istanbul for nearly 20 years. I share with you articles about the Roman and Byzantine history of Istanbul on the Byzantine Istanbul website.

As someone who studied history, over time I became passionately attached to the history of Rome and then its continuation, the Eastern Roman (Byzantine) history. Now I share this information with those who visit Istanbul.

Although it is not well known, a considerable Byzantine heritage still survives in Istanbul today. In addition, some Byzantine palaces and churches are currently under restoration and will soon become accessible to visitors.

About Byzantine Istanbul

Byzantine Heritage in Istanbul

One of the main reasons why I founded the Byzantine Istanbul website was to inform history enthusiasts about the current status of Byzantine buildings, some of which are museums, some are mosques and some are still churches.

You can find many articles about the history of Constantinople on the blog page of this site. In addition, there is an article providing general information about Byzantine monuments in Istanbul on the home page of the site.

If you are visiting Istanbul and are specifically interested in the Greco-Roman and Byzantine history of the city, you can also book one of my private guided tours. On these tours, you can listen to stories and legends about the most important buildings of Constantinople.

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Byzantine History Tour of Istanbul Reviews

So far, I have met with people who are interested in Byzantine history from many parts of the world, especially the USA, England and Canada. Sometimes I have witnessed people from far corners of the world sharing the same passion as me.

Many people have participated in the Byzantine history tours I have offered in Istanbul so far. You can also review their comments on my TripAdvisor page. Although some of these comments are about other tours, a significant part of them are feedback about Byzantine tours.

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In recent years, Mike Duncan’s The History of Rome and Robin Pierson’s The History of Byzantium podcasts have also increased the interest of visitors to Istanbul towards Byzantine artifacts. In this way, the Byzantine Istanbul thematic tour attracts more attention.

If you would like to explore Istanbul between the 4th and 15th centuries with me, you can contact me by filling out the form on the contact page. As a licensed guide based in Istanbul, I am ready to share with you what I know about the history of Byzantium.

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